-Am I a Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy or PRP Therapy?

Only you and your doctor can decide if these treatments are right for you. If you want to try and avoid surgery and potentially get long-lasting pain relief, we encourage you to learn more about these options and talk to our expert.

-Who are the best candidates for these treatments?

The "best patients" are:

-In the early stages of arthritis

-Have tried other treatments such as rest, modifying activites, physical therapy or home exercises, weight loss, cortisone injections, but are not yet ready for joint replacement or other surgeries.

- Stem cell injections or PRP injections are not typically recommended for severe cases of osteoarthritis as these patients are much more reliably treated with joint replacement. 

These therapies Past history of left leg all overare not an effective solution for all patients. Our physicians only recommend the safest, most effective treatment based on a patient’s condition, history and overall health. Covered by insurance? Some of these procedures are considered experimental or investigational by insurance carriers, and thus may be considered a self-pay service. Please consult with your physician’s administrative team for specific details


-Are these treatments safe?

Yes. These treatments offer a safe and non-invasive option for patients looking to improve pain and quality of life, potentially avoid or postpone surgery and get back to enjoying life with less pain and limitation.  The exact risks of the procedure will be discussed in clinic with our specialist prior to having the procedure performed.